Best Movies On Netflix Instant – Netflix Random Movie Picker – RandomFlick.Com

Here’s a great new website that allows anyone with a Netflix account to find random highly rated movies that are available on streaming.

The only movies that show up in the random buttons are movies that are highly rated by users on both Netflix and RottenTomatoes…so you know that you’ll only get the “best” movies presented to you.

It’s pretty simple to use too. To see all the streaming movies available, just click on the green button that says “Start Flickin'”. It will open up a new tab (and if your signed into your Netflix account) take you right to the movie page.

Currently they also have 3 categories that filter the movies. We are told that many new categories will be added in the near future.

Overall, this site is defintetly worth checking out if you subscribe to Netflix. We’ll keep an eye on it to see how the site progresses, but we are sure excited to find an easier way to find good movies on Netflix instant.


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